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Fleet management, smash repair, car restoration, rust repair

Fleet Maintiance Trial

Fleet Maintenance Trial

Best way to experience Odessa Smash Fleet management services is to run a comparison trial project.

Service Comparison trial is a simple project where Odessa Smash will start taking care of a small percentage of your fleet and you will compare the cost and quality of the work performed across all parameters and will calculate the total cost of engagement at the end of this Fleet Management Trial process.

Our experience indicate that while Odessa Smash maintains highest quality standards we are able to show total cost reduction as compared to other services providers in the 15% to 45% mark based on overall experience.

Odessa Smash Fleet Maintenance service is an efficient process with full reporting allowing you to be confident that not only the repairs are done right but the downtime of the vehicle is minimized as well. Out process also allows you to gain deeper understanding of your fleet performance with detailed vehicle history and summary reporting providing valuable information for your business to further support you in your business growth and success.

The Fleet Maintenance Trail project is designed to show you how fleet maintenance can assist in your business planning and business efficiency improvement. With this process we take side by side vehicles managed by us and the other service provider and we generate information on both sides and let you compare the outcomes.

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Phone: 9319 3286
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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm
Sat 8:30am - 12:00pm


693b Botany Road, Rosebery 2018


Odessa Smash is located near the
T-intersection of Botany Road and
Collins Street in Rosebery, next
door to the Dulux Trade Centre.
Enter via the rear in Emanuel Lane.